Our staff is our greatest asset. Made up of a broad and diverse group of individuals, we each bring our own talents, skill sets, knowledge and viewpoints to the table to help improve quality of life in the greater Atlanta region. We are always accessible to you, so please don’t hesitate to contact us directly with questions, ideas or concerns.

Office of the President

Alicia PhilippPresident
Contact Alicia Philipp
(404) 588-3189

Alicia Philipp is president of The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, Inc., one of the largest and fastest growing philanthropic service organizations in the country. Read Alicia Philipp's Bio

Latasha SutherlandExecutive Assistant to the President
Contact Latasha Sutherland
(404) 588-3195

Latasha Sutherland is responsible for providing full administrative support to the president, as well as supporting assignments associated with the Board of Directors. Read Latasha Sutherland's Bio

Philanthropic Services

Robert SmulianVice President of Philanthropic Services
Contact Robert Smulian
(404) 588-3191

Rob Smulian oversees the development of the Philanthropic Services Department including a focus on donor services, professional advisor outreach and planned giving programs. Read Robert Smulian's Bio

Erin Drury BoornSenior Philanthropic Advisor
Contact Erin Drury Boorn
(404) 588-3188

Erin Drury Boorn works with a portfolio of donor-advised funds helping individuals and families develop through personal philanthropy. Read Erin Drury Boorn's Bio

Christy EckoffDirector of Gift Planning
Contact Christy Eckoff
(404) 588-3183

Christy Butler Eckoff is responsible for developing the strategic direction for and successful implementation of the Foundation’s comprehensive planned and major giving programs.
Read Christy Eckoff's Bio

Angela HunterPhilanthropic Services Associate
Contact Angela Hunter
(404) 588-3212

Angela Hunter is responsible for processing weekly grants and managing endowment funds. Read Angela Hunter's Bio

Audrey JacobsDirector of The Center for Family Philanthropy
Contact Audrey Jacobs
(404) 588-3194

Audrey Jacobs oversees all aspects of The Center for Family Philanthropy and its role providing family-centered grantmaking, educational and estate planning services to donors and their families. Read Audrey Jacobs's Bio

Barrett Coker KriseSenior Philanthropic Advisor
Contact Barrett Coker Krise
(404) 588-3186

Barrett Coker Krise works with individuals and families to reach their philanthropic giving goals. Read Barrett Coker Krise's Bio

Staci LynchPhilanthropic Advisor
Contact Staci Lynch
(678) 244-9254

Staci Lynch is a philanthropic and non-profit sector leader with proven results in communications, relationship development and program implementation. Read Staci Lynch's Bio

Leena Sidhu KiberGift Planner
Contact Leena Sidhu Kiber
(404) 333-0241

Leena Sidhu Kiber contributes to development and implementation of The Community Foundation’s comprehensive planned and major giving program. Read Leena Sidhu Kiber's Bio

Kathleen Varner WagnerPhilanthropic Advisor
Contact Kathleen Varner Wagner
(404) 244-9257

Kathleen Varner Wagner serves as Philanthropic Advisor for The Community Foundation. She works as a personal liaison for a portfolio of donors, assisting them in the management of their respective funds, as well as reaching out regularly to develop individual philanthropic strategies for each donor.  Read Kathleen Varner Wagner's Bio

Wanda WallaceDevelopment Resource Manager
Contact Wanda Wallace
(404) 588-3192

Wanda Wallace is responsible for all aspects of the gift processing system and donor prospect management. Read Wanda Wallace's Bio

Community Partnerships

Lesley GradySenior Vice President of Community Partnerships
Contact Lesley Grady
(404) 588-3185

Lesley Grady oversees the Community Partnerships department including grantmaking and scholarships as well as multiple community initiatives and helps connects this work with donors interested in critical community needs.  Read Lesley Grady's Bio

Natasha Battle-EdwardsGrants Manager
Contact Natasha Battle-Edwards
(404) 588-3211

Natasha Battle-Edwards is responsible for grants management and administration for the unrestricted and initiative grantmaking programs as well as overseeing the fund management for community initiatives and grantee relations for the Foundation.  
Read Natasha Battle-Edwards's Bio

Sherrie ClarkExecutive Assistant/Manager of Volunteer Engagement
Contact Sherrie Clark
(404) 588-3181

Sherrie Clark is responsible for the day to day office operations and oversight of the Community Partnerships department. Read Sherrie Clark's Bio

Alicia ClayProgram Assistant
Contact Alicia Clay
(404) 588-3230

Alicia Clay works on multiple grantmaking projects and initiatives for The Community Foundation, including One Region Atlanta, the Neighborhood Fund and Local Funds.
Read Alicia Clay's Bio

Lisa CreminDirector, Metropolitan Atlanta Arts Fund
Contact Lisa Cremin
(404) 588-3200

Lisa Cremin oversees a comprehensive program that serves arts organizations by providing financial grants, consulting awards and loans to small and mid-sized organizations. Read Lisa Cremin's Bio

Allyssa KiserGrants Assistant
Contact Allyssa Kiser
(404) 526-1110

Allyssa Kiser is responsible for supporting grants processes and knowledge management, including support for various competitive grantmaking programs, donor-advised fund requests and file maintenance. Read Allyssa Kiser's Bio

Kalie LasiterProgram Associate
Contact Kalie Lasiter
(404) 588-1127

Kalie Lasiter works on multiple grantmaking projects and initiatives, including Regional Impact, Grants to Green and the Local Funds. Read Kalie Lasiter's Bio

Tyronda MinterDirector of Regional Impact
Contact Tyronda Minter
(404) 588-3209

Tyronda Minter directs a portfolio of community initiatives, oversees grant programs and guides volunteer advisory committees helping to increase philanthropy in the Foundation’s 23-county service area.

Read Tyronda Minter's Bio

Kristina MorrisProgram Officer
Contact Kristina Morris
(404) 588-3213

Kristina works on multiple grantmaking projects and initiatives, including the Common Good Funds program, the Marshall Memorial Fellowship and the Managing for Excellence Award. Kristina also manages the Foundation’s Scholarships program.
Read Kristina Morris's Bio

Kathy PalumboDirector of Community Partnerships
Contact Kathy Palumbo
(404) 588-3187

Kathy Palumbo is responsible for the management and oversight of the Foundation’s Common Good Funds, scholarships and other grantmaking programs. Read Kathy Palumbo's Bio

Lita Ugarte PardiSenior Program Officer
Contact Lita Ugarte Pardi
(404) 526-1131

Lita Ugarte Pardi reviews and evaluates grant applications for the Common Good Funds, the Foundation’s broadest discretionary grantmaking program, and manages the Foundation’s work around Nonprofit Effectiveness. Read Lita Ugarte Pardi's Bio

Josh PhillipsonProgram Associate
Contact Josh Phillipson
(404) 588-3216

Josh Phillipson manages multiple grant and support programs including the Metropolitan Atlanta Arts Fund.
Read Josh Phillipson's Bio

Jasper TannerProgram Officer
Contact Jasper Tanner
(404) 526-1103

Jasper Tanner is responsible for implementation of several assigned community initiatives at the Foundation, including Grants to Green, Local Funds and Healthy Belvedere. Read Jasper Tanner's Bio

Tene TraylorSenior Program Officer
Contact Tene Traylor
(404) 588-3201

TenéTraylor's manages the Foundation’s growing community building efforts. Primarily, she oversees the Neighborhood Fund, Atlanta AIDS Fund and works directly with Philanthropic Services to match donor interests to community needs Read Tene Traylor's Bio

Rachel ZieleniecProgram Associate
Contact Rachel Zieleniec
(404) 333-0102

Rachel Zieleniec coordinates activities for multiple grantmaking projects and initiatives for The Community Foundation, including the Common Good Funds, the Atlanta AIDS Partnership Fund, Nonprofit Effectiveness and Strategic Restructuring Fund. Read Rachel Zieleniec's Bio

Marketing & Communications

Kristin DunstanVice President, Marketing & Communications
Contact Kristin Dunstan
(404) 588-3182

Kristin Dunstan oversees the development of the Marketing and Communications department including a focus on strategic marketing and communications initiatives for key internal and external audiences. Read Kristin Dunstan's Bio

Erin DreilingMarketing and Communications Manager
Contact Erin Dreiling
(404) 588-3207

Erin Dreiling assists with the development and management of all aspects of marketing and communications for The Community Foundation, with a focus on media outreach, online and print marketing, social media and relationship development. Read Erin Dreiling's Bio

Finance & Operations

Christie BrownVice President of Finance & Operations
Contact Christie Brown
(404) 588-3184

Christie Brown is responsible for planning and managing the back-room financial and operational side of the organization to ensure that all departments at The Community Foundation function in an efficient, effective and financially-responsible manner.  Read Christie Brown's Bio

Beverly FooksReceptionist / Assistant to Vice President, Finance
Contact Beverly Fooks
(404) 688-5525

Beverly Fooks is responsible for receiving and directing all calls and inquiries, and assisting all visitors of The Community Foundation, as well as supporting various adminstrative needs of the Finance & Operations department.

Read Beverly Fooks's Bio

Anna FooteOperations and IT Manager
Contact Anna Foote
(678) 244-9255

Anna Foote serves as the Operations and IT Manager supporting internal operational projects and providing staff support.  Anna’s previous financial background is also leveraged to administer and underwrite the Community Foundation’s Micro Funds loan program. Read Anna Foote's Bio

Junior FrancisInvestment Accountant
Contact Junior Francis
(404) 588-3206

Junior Francis is responsible for keeping accurate and timely records for The Foundation Investment Pool accounts. Read Junior Francis's Bio

Chris de LasticChief Accounting & Operations Officer
Contact Chris de Lastic
(404) 588-9256

Chris de Lastic serves as the Chief Accounting & Operations Officer at The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta. In this role, he is responsible for managing the Foundation’s accounting, budgeting, tax, human resources, information management and general operations. Read Chris de Lastic's Bio

Antoinette MaddoxController
Contact Antoinette Maddox
(404) 588-3204

Antoinette Maddox is responsible for managing and directing the monthly condition of the general ledger as a whole, as well as managing the process of distributing the assets of The Foundation to grantees. 

Read Antoinette Maddox's Bio

Caroline ScottDirector of Investments
Contact Caroline Scott
(404) 333-0114

Caroline Scott oversees the investment holdings of The Community Foundation. She also works closely with Colonial Consulting, investment consultant to the Foundation.
Read Caroline Scott's Bio

Cedric SmithStaff Accountant
Contact Cedric Smith
(404) 588-3224

Cedric Smith serves as a Staff Accountant at The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta. In this role, Cedric is responsible for the monthly reconciliation of all Foundation bank accounts and investment activity. Read Cedric Smith's Bio

Megan SwettDirector of Operational Strategy
Contact Megan Swett
(404) 588-3203

Megan Swett is responsible for the strategic oversight of The Community Foundation’s information systems, as well as management of the Foundation’s information resources. Read Megan Swett's Bio

Ike TalabiAssistant Controller
Contact Ike Talabi
(404) 588-3205

Ike Talabi is responsible for keeping accurate and timely financial record of non-unitized investment accounts, the foundation checking accounts and the yearly 1099 tax return forms including compliance and transmittal. Read Ike Talabi's Bio


Building Our Communities through Philanthropy

While many in the region know The Community Foundation for our grantmaking programs, we play a wide variety of roles in creating philanthropic solutions to our communities’ most pressing problems. These roles are as varied as the challenges our Atlanta region faces, but they each start with the premise that communities are built, improved and strengthened by the passion, ideas and resources of its people.
Now available, "Building Our Communities Through Philanthropy" highlights our community leadership work and our various roles in the 23-county region. Click here to access. 
Strengthening Nonprofits

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