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Neighborhood Fund builds upon grassroots ideas, energy and passion to empower community members to improve their neighborhoods. The philosophy of the Neighborhood Fund is built on the asset-based, capacity building model articulated by John McKnight and John Kretzman of Northwestern University. The model contrasts approaches to traditional community building that look at low and moderate-income residents as having a series of “needs and deficiencies” and then provide services to meet those needs. Instead, the Neighborhood Fund provides comprehensive support that assists residents and neighborhood groups as they organize around their strengths and assets. 

Neighborhood Fund provides resources to community groups (non-501(c)3) seeking to impact their community at the local level. Since 1991, more than 300 neighborhood projects have received an estimated $2,000,000 in grants and technical assistance to support community organizing, neighborhood gardens, youth fitness activities, cultural events and more.


The Neighborhood Fund application and guidelines will be available August 1. The application deadline is September 12.



2013 Annual Report

Recently released, our 2013 Annual Report is a guide for philanthropists, nonprofits and community leaders interested in improving the quality of life in metro Atlanta. Last year, The Community Foundation distributed more than $134 million in grants and support to nonprofits and received more than $198 million from donors and funders. Click here to view. We hope this report will help you along whatever philanthropic journey you choose to take.
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