Atlanta AIDS Fund


The Atlanta AIDS Fund is a collaborative funding partnership between the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, United Way of Greater Atlanta, Fashion Cares and the Allen Thornell HIV Care and Service Fund.  

The Community Foundation was an early supporter of HIV/AIDS initiatives, making our first grant in 1981. At that time the disease was still known as “GRID” – Gay Related Immune Disease. Our community, our country and our world has made incredible progress since that time, but the challenges of HIV/AIDS are still present, particularly in our Atlanta region. The Atlanta AIDS Fund was created in 1991 to support metro Atlanta’s HIV/AIDS advocacy, prevention education and service efforts through funding and leadership. Since that time nearly $11 million in grants have been awarded to organizations in the metro area. 
Yet the disease continues to be a major health concern. New HIV infections are concentrating most in people of color and people who are poor, homeless, incarcerated, have other health challenges, unprotected sex and/or use drugs. Their infections are more likely to progress to AIDS because historically these communities have unsubstantial or no access to health care and often do not get the level of treatment needed. 

Startling statistics include: 

  • Men who have sex with men still represent the largest group of people living with AIDS in Atlanta at 51%. 
  • While African Americans make up 29% of Georgia’s population, they represent 77% of new AIDS cases in Georgia and 63% of all existing AIDS cases in Atlanta were among this group. 
  • African-American women account for 87% of all women with AIDS in Atlanta.
  • 50% of new HIV infections are occurring in youth 16-24 years old.  


2016 Grantmaking
The Atlanta AIDS Fund offers general operating support grants to nonprofit organizations in the Foundation’s 23-county service area. Please click here to learn the details of the General Operating Support 2016 Grant Cycle, including guidelines for funding and information on how to apply.


To include a knowledgeable and broad perspective in this work, the Atlanta AIDS Fund has developed an Advisory Committee to guide the work of the initiative and provide consultation, input and perspective on the application process and overall program progress.     

  • Keisha Williams, Kaiser Permanente Foundation 
  • Chris Wilbanks 
  • Trevor Pearson
  • Francesca Gary, Amerigroup 
  • Ryan Roemerman, LGBT Institute at National Center for Civil and Human Rights
  • Quentin Robinson, Absolute Care
  • Mary Spanburgh, United Way of Greater Atlanta
  • Teri Lewis, United Way of Greater Atlanta 
  • Kathy Palumbo, Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta 


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Building Our Communities through Philanthropy


While many in the region know The Community Foundation for our grantmaking programs, we play a wide variety of roles in creating philanthropic solutions to our communities’ most pressing problems. These roles are as varied as the challenges our Atlanta region faces, but they each start with the premise that communities are built, improved and strengthened by the passion, ideas and resources of its people.
Now available, "Building Our Communities Through Philanthropy" highlights our community leadership work and our various roles in the 23-county region. Click here to access. 

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