Center for Family Philanthropy

The Community Foundation created the Center for Family Philanthropy to help donors more deeply address their charitable giving. The Center provides customized services to help you be more strategic in recommending grants from your fund, run a formal grantmaking cycle, engage multiple generations in giving or teach your children about the value of philanthropy and getting involved in the community.  

For a minimum annual administrative fee of $2,500, donors become members of the Center and have access to this deeper level of services. 

All of our services are customized to the individual or family -- however you define family. That may be parents and young children, grandparents and grandchildren, older parents and adult children, or a couple. And while many of our Center members come to us as a family, an individual donor who is simply interested in a higher, more involved level of service can also receive Center-level services.

The Center for Family Philanthropy is led by director Audrey Jacobs and supported by a team of philanthropic advisors. Visit the staff page to learn more about our Philanthropic Services department members.

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Helping Families Grow


At The Community Foundation, we provide our donors an opportunity to more deeply address their charitable giving through our Center for Family Philanthropy.

To demonstrate how the Center can help donors connect their passions to purpose and engage their families in philanthropic activities, we have created a guide, Center for Family Philanthropy – Helping families grow in new directions.

Click here to download the guide. If you would like to receive a copy by mail, please contact us at 404-688-5525.

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