Getting Started

The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta supports your philanthropy by working directly with you and your family to make it both easy and effective while also helping you find joy in giving. We work with individuals, families and professional advisors to engage and educate you about the issues affecting our community and how to make an impact with your giving. We provide administrative support and fiscal stewardship, encourage innovative thinking and share community knowledge.
By setting up a fund with The Community Foundation you receive the flexibility and involvement of your own private foundation with the tax advantages and simplicity of a community foundation. You can choose to give now through a variety of charitable funds we offer. Or you can choose to give later through our options in planned giving.
Establishing a Relationship with The Community Foundation
Step 1
Contact The Community Foundation’s vice president of philanthropic services or director of gift planning to discuss your charitable objectives.

Step 2
If you decide The Community Foundation is right for you, our vice president of philanthropic services or director of gift planning will work with you and your professional advisors to create a plan that meets your objectives.

Step 3
You complete a fund agreement and then make the initial gift to establish your fund or sign the documents provided by your advisor to create a planned gift.

Step 4
The Community Foundation’s Board chair and president sign your agreement and a fully executed copy is returned to you. The Foundation sends a gift acknowledgment letter for your tax records.
Step 5
A philanthropic advisor from The Community Foundation contacts you to arrange an orientation. He or she is your primary contact and will help educate you on the use of your fund, explain the services offered by the Foundation, help you design a philanthropic plan and serve as a source of information and support as you continue to work with your fund.


Empowering Women and Communities


Lynn Wentworth is clear about her interest in the issues facing women and girls. Like other new donors at The Community Foundation, she is looking for support in how to align her passion with her philanthropy. “The Community Foundation is helping me broaden my initial sense of what I want to do,” she says. “I want it to be meaningful and they’re helping me figure out what that is.”

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Strengthening Nonprofits

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