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As we set out to have a greater impact in the communities in our 23 county region, we are guided by our Philanthropic Framework . The work of The Community Foundation centers on our four goals: Engaging Philanthropists, Strengthening Nonprofits, Advancing Public Will and Practicing Organizational Excellence.

Currently, The Community Foundation is focused on the following areas as we work to strengthen our region’s nonprofits. 

  • General Operating Support for Organizations – providing unrestricted dollars to support the day-to-day activities of nonprofit organizations. 
  • Nonprofit Effectiveness – offering resources for organizational and professional development opportunities through management consulting grants, scholarships for workshops, classes and/or coaching. 
  • Advancing Public Will – helping organizations engage and educate their stakeholders and other community audiences to mobilize public will and influence public policies that impact services, populations and communities. 
  • Innovation – encouraging new, creative thought and partnerships that may lead to better efficiencies, services, sector strength and/or civic engagement. 


Applying for a Grant

The Community Foundation offers a number of grant programs to nonprofits in the 23-county metro Atlanta region. These programs include: Common Good Funds (our largest grantmaking program), Atlanta AIDS Fund, An Extra Wish, Grants to Green, Local Funds, Managing for Excellence, Metropolitan Atlanta Arts Fund and the Neighborhood Fund. Visit each page to learn more.

Eligibility requirements vary by grant program, but common criteria for nonprofits to meet are: 

  • Have a multi-year written strategic or business plan for the whole organization that includes measureable goals and methods to assess effectiveness 
  • Receive funding from at least three different sources such as individuals, foundations, corporations, faith-based organizations and government 
  • Have a minimum two-year operating history after receiving its 501(c)(3) classification 
    have audited financial statements for the past two to three completed fiscal years (for organizations with annual budgets greater than $250,000)
  • Have at least one full-time paid employee
  • Have a Board of Directors with representation from the community served and a committee structure with diverse areas of expertise 
  • Be registered with the Georgia Secretary of State as a nonprofit 


Beyond Grants

In addition to cash grants, The Community Foundation also offers a variety of programs and other opportunities to support the organizational development of nonprofits and their staff.

  • Nonprofit Toolbox – provides custom-designed packages of management consulting to help nonprofit organizations strengthen their management, governance and operations.
  • Nonprofit Scholarships – provides funds allow nonproft staff and board members to attend professional and organizational development workshops and trainings.
  • Strategic Restructuring Fund – provides funds and/or management consulting services to two or more nonprofits as they assess, negotiate, design and/or implement substantive organizational partnerships.
  • Nonprofit Bridge Loan Fund – provides bridge loans to organizations experiencing cash flow challenges.  



Creating a vibrant, diverse community


Resources for Residents and Communities (RRC) recently received a grant from The Community Foundation as part of the Common Good Funds. This grant enables RRC to continue community-building work through the R’town Youth Work Program in the Reynoldstown neighborhood. In addition, they’ll provide financial literacy training to youth. 
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Strengthening Nonprofits

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