Nonprofit Scholarships

Since 2009, the Community Foundation has provided support for professional development for nonprofit board and staff members through the Nonprofit Scholarships program. The program was launched at the start of the recession in response to a great need for investments in the individuals leading nonprofits and providing services to those in need in our community. Although the program has been successful in providing resources to hundreds of individuals, the Foundation is shifting its resources to offering greater support to nonprofits through General Operating Support grants and through the Nonprofit Toolbox.


Foundation measures metro Atlanta's philanthropy

At The Community Foundation, we are committed to promoting and supporting philanthropy in the metro Atlanta region.

In 2010 we commissioned an in-depth study to track the investment and engagement of residents in our 23-county region in four key areas: Community Involvement, Philanthropic Giving, Volunteerism, and Public Policy Involvement.

It is our intent to conduct this study every three years to see changes in how Atlantans are connected and engaged around in the four key areas.

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Strengthening Nonprofits

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