Learning Opportunities & Events

At The Community Foundation, we work to engage our community and strengthen the nonprofits in our 23-county region. One way we accomplish these goals is through the wide variety of learning opportunities and events we offer donors, nonprofits and professional advisors.

For donors and professional advisors, events range from small roundtable discussions to moderated educational sessions to larger-scale annual events. We also offer publications, newsletters and special series to increase engagement. For nonprofits, we provide resources to help grantees further their professional and organizational development. These include scholarships to attend classes, trainings and conferences.

These opportunities allow us to equip and inform these very important groups so that we can all work together to strenthen the Atlanta region.

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Building Our Communities through Philanthropy

While many in the region know The Community Foundation for our grantmaking programs, we play a wide variety of roles in creating philanthropic solutions to our communities’ most pressing problems. These roles are as varied as the challenges our Atlanta region faces, but they each start with the premise that communities are built, improved and strengthened by the passion, ideas and resources of its people.
Now available, "Building Our Communities Through Philanthropy" highlights our community leadership work and our various roles in the 23-county region. Click here to access. 
Strengthening Nonprofits

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