Designing a Gift

The Community Foundation works with donors to make their giving more powerful, effective and easy. We want to help donors find their passion in philanthropy while we provide high-end philanthropic service and fund administration.
The Community Foundation provides an incredibly flexible way for donors to organize their giving. Donors may contribute to a variety of fund types, with both current direct gifts and deferred planned gifts. We are able to accept a wide array of asset types as contributions to a fund.
Because The Community Foundation is a 501(c)3 public charity, donors receive the most valuable tax benefits available under law for their charitable contributions – for both income and estate tax purposes. Once a fund is created, donors receive extensive philanthropic services in exchange for the administrative fee charged against their fund balance. Donors may request that their fund be invested among a selection of investment options, including utilizing their own investment advisor for a $5,000 annual administrative minimum fee. Click here to download a pdf about our Individually Managed Investment Policy. 


Sunny Park Gives Back


"My goal is to be an American giver. Not a taker, a giver. That’s what I see as the true American ideal. The Community Foundation helps me effectively participate in that.”
Sunny Park epitomizes the American Dream, living out the great American immigrant story of vision, determination, opportunity and hard work. His first experience of philanthropy played a role in launching the life he has created for himself.

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Strengthening Nonprofits

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