Community Foundation
for Greater Atlanta


Mendal Bouknight
Vice President, Philanthropy

Professional Advisors

Christy Eckoff
Director, Gift Planning


Natasha Battle-Edwards
Grants Manager

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The People with the Passion

Our Board

Our Board of Directors does more than govern the Community Foundation; they empower. These volunteers provide stewardship for both the Foundation and our charitable activities by establishing policy, setting priorities and making final grant decisions. These passionate civic leaders provide the expertise and guidance that drive the success of the Foundation—now, and for years to come.

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Our Team

These are the warriors. The pounders of streets. The crunchers of numbers. The changers of lives. Made up of a diverse group of individuals, the team is the Foundation’s greatest asset—and bring their own expertise, skill sets, talents and viewpoints. All with one goal: To help improve the quality of life in the greater Atlanta region.

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