Achieve Atlanta

When the Community Foundation teams up with Atlanta Public Schools, dreams become reality.

Raising the Bar

Achieve Atlanta believes every Atlanta Public Schools (APS) student deserves the opportunity to complete post-secondary education and obtain the full benefits that a higher education provides. Achieve Atlanta seeks to harness the power of the Atlanta community—its resources, talent and ideas—to dramatically increase the number of APS students graduating from college.

How It Works

Achieve Atlanta serves all APS students, focusing particularly on low-income students and students who will be among the first in their families to attend college. Through partnerships with direct-service organizations, institutions of higher education and key players in the college success community, Achieve Atlanta seeks to address and eliminate the obstacles students face in completing post-secondary education.

Achieve Atlanta focuses on getting more students to—and through—college by:

• Increasing college access
• Removing financial barriers for students
• Supporting college persistence and completion

Achieve Atlanta aims to be part of a system that transforms the lives of students, their families and, ultimately, the city of Atlanta. The long-term goal is to develop educated, skilled individuals and eventually to address the income inequality and lack of economic upward mobility in our city.


Founding Partners

Achieve Atlanta was created in 2014 through an innovative partnership between the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, the Joseph B. Whitehead Foundation and Atlanta Public Schools.

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