Neighborhood Fund

Helping communities build on their own strengths and assets.

The New Grassroots

The Neighborhood Fund builds upon locally grown ideas, energy and passion to empower community members to improve their neighborhoods. The philosophy of the Neighborhood Fund is built on the asset-based, capacity building model articulated by John McKnight and John Kretzman of Northwestern University.

The model diverges from traditional approaches to community building that look at low and moderate-income residents as having a series of “needs and deficiencies” and then provide services to meet those needs. Instead, the Neighborhood Fund provides comprehensive support that assists residents and neighborhood groups as they organize around their strengths and assets.

The Neighborhood Fund provides grants and coaching to resident groups (who may or may not be registered nonprofits) seeking to impact their community at the local level.

For more information about grants from Neighborhood Fund, please contact:

Mindy Kao
Program Associate

25 Years of Small Grants for Neighborhoods

grants awarded
million dollars in monetary awards
residents received leadership training

Eligibility and Application Materials

Neighborhood groups and organizations will have one opportunity to apply for funding in 2016. Information for the 2016 grant cycle, including guidelines, applications and deadlines, will be posted in July 2016. Foundation staff anticipates the deadline will take place in the fall of 2016. Please be sure to sign up to receive the Foundation’s e-newsletter in order to be notified when information has been posted.

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