Spark Morgan!

Celebrating passion for philanthropy across Morgan County.

It All Begins With a Spark

The Morgan Fund of the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta is now Spark Morgan! This fund was established in 2003 to bring together donors, nonprofits and community members to encourage philanthropy in Morgan County. Spark Morgan offers grantmaking, philanthropic learning opportunities and community awareness activities.

Beginning in 2016, the Foundation is combining its various general operating support programs into one grant cycle. This will maximize the time and capacity of nonprofit applicants, allowing organizations to submit information once to be considered for funding.

For more information about Spark Morgan!, please contact:

Tyronda Minter
Director, Community


Since 2003, Spark Morgan! has granted more than $300,000 to area nonprofits to respond to the changing needs of the community. Last year’s grantees include Action Ministries, Camp Twin Lakes, Circle of Love Center, The Madison-Morgan Cultural Center and Steffen Thomas Museum and Archives.


2016 Grant Cycle Timeline

The deadline for 2016 has passed. Please sign up for the Foundation’s email newsletter to receive future notifications about this program.

The General Operating Support Guidelines should be followed, however with the following differences in eligibility criteria for Spark Morgan!

  • Must be located and/or providing services within Morgan County; all funds from Spark Morgan! grants must be spent within Morgan County; priority will be given to organizations located in Morgan County
  • Must have annual operating expenses greater than $25,000 as reflected in the most recently filed I.R.S. Form 990 (You can find more information on Form 990.)
  • Must not have any outstanding reports past due for any Community Foundation competitive grantmaking program, including end of grant reports for any previous Spark Morgan! grant
  • Must have a strategic or business plan for the whole organization that includes measurable goals and methods to assess effectiveness that covers at least two years (24 months). If you do not have a strategic or business plan, the organization may complete and submit the Strategic Planning Form below
  • Organizations applying to Spark Morgan! are not required to have at least one full-time paid employee
  • Organizations applying to Spark Morgan! are not required have a minimum two-year operating history after the date of receipt of its 501(c)(3) classification

Eligibility and Application Materials

General Operating Support Guidelines
Strategic Planning Form


To include a local perspective in this work, Spark Morgan! has an Advisory Committee comprised of knowledgeable leaders representing diverse segments of the community. Committee members live and work in Morgan County and are committed to developing local philanthropy and responding to the needs of their community.

  • Joe Cardwell, Chair
  • Carolyn Ainslie
  • Barry Argroves
  • Monica Callahan
  • Phyllis Clark

  • Jill Connolly
  • Bruce Gilbert
  • Sally Moran Hoge
  • Jim Jones
  • Alfred Murray

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