Philanthropic Services

The shared experience of charitable giving does more than make our community stronger. It makes families stronger, too.

As Unique as You Are

Philanthropy is a personal journey. One that reflects your values, your ideals, your passions. That’s why so many of the donors at the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta have chosen to make us their philanthropic partner.

Essential and Personalized Philanthropic Services

At the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, we know that your giving is as unique as you are. This is why we offer you a menu of services so you can decide what matters most to you.



Minimum Annual Fee

  • Philanthropic Planning:
    Annual meeting, values exploration and concierge service from philanthropic officer
  • Education:
    Access to donor events and donor collaboration opportunities
  • Grantmaking and Evaluation:
    Access to library of nonprofit reports and due diligence

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Philanthropic Services

As your philanthropic partner, we want to do everything we can to help you explore your philanthropic interests, create a lifelong strategy and get excited about the great things your fund can help you accomplish. You’ll work with your philanthropic officer to choose our expanded personalized philanthropic services that best suit your needs. Read more in The Joy of Giving: A Philanthropic Guidebook.

Seeing nonprofits make Atlanta a better place to live, work, learn and play is a direct result of the gifts you make through the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta. But what if you don’t know a specific organization or area of interest in which to grant your resources?

The Community Foundation works directly with you to create a long-term philanthropic map that’s every bit as unique as you are. Together, we’ll start by exploring your history, the origins of your philanthropic passion, the virtues and values you wish to perpetuate through your giving, your most (and least) fulfilling charitable experiences and the ways you’d like to involve your family in giving (if applicable).

All these considerations come together in a holistic, living philanthropic plan that provides direction for your giving.

•Your philanthropic plan may include values and mission statements that help guide your personal definition of giving and incorporates your family’s passions as well, should you choose to do so.

• It may also feature a philanthropic letter of intent that serves as your blueprint for giving. Such a document memorializes what you hope to accomplish through your giving, and explains the experiences and motivations that led you to your conclusions. This can be a living document that changes over time as your interests and motivations for giving change over time as well.

• In many instances, we incorporate a family genogram or diagram to help understand patterns of giving and interest over the course of a generation.

Then, your philanthropic officer will help you develop a strategy that defines roles, selects an investment management and spending policy, allocates grantmaking responsibilities and determines the selection of grantees. We facilitate short-term evaluations and reassessments of your philanthropic plan.

We offer expert understanding of the needs and issues of the Atlanta region. Working collaboratively with our community team, we’re here to help you with all aspects of grantmaking—especially identifying organizations that connect with your passion.

With this level of service, you receive customized area-of-interest reports and issue briefs, as well as detailed organizational assessments. We will also orchestrate personal site visits to nonprofits so that you can witness and experience their work first-hand. These visits provide a memorable, highly engaging experience for the whole family and often help to fuel a lifelong passion for giving.

At the core of our services are our personalized engagement opportunities—including donor giving circles and educational events. We provide a variety of ways for philanthropists of all ages to develop a lasting connection to our community and to make a greater impact through charitable giving.

• Annual Donor Events
Each year, donors are invited to attend educational events. Previous speakers have included Ta Nehisi Coates, journalist and author of The Case for Reparations and Robert Putnam, author of Our Kids: An American Dream in Crisis. 

Planet Philanthropy
We offer customized training for our donors’ children and grandchildren to help them understand the value and joy of philanthropy. Contact your advisor for more details.

Collaboration and Giving Circles
As a donor advisor at the Community Foundation, you are a part of a philanthropic community. At your request, your philanthropic officer can introduce you to other donors who share your interests. In many instances, donor advisors from different funds work together to make the most of their gifts and create an even greater impact for grant recipients.

Engaging the Next Generation
While the majority of donors at the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta are above the age of 40, there are also many fund advisors who are younger. Additionally, an increasing number of successor advisors—those donors who work with the fund after the original donor’s lifetime—are part of the Foundation’s next generation. To that end, we offer special engagement opportunities for our donors between the ages of 25 and 40.

Engaging Your Family in Philanthropy

For many donors, a fund at the Community Foundation is a part of a broader overall vision for teaching current and future generations about the importance of giving back to the community and incorporating philanthropy into family life. We understand that families come in all sorts of shapes and sizes – from couples and siblings to multigenerational clans. Your family is unique and so is our approach to your needs.

The Community Foundation offers a wide array of services to help donors and their families define and fulfill their philanthropic vision, included as a part of your personalized philanthropic services with a minimum annual administrative fee of $2,500.

We have services designed to meet your family’s unique needs, such as facilitated family meetings and the development of value and mission statements.

When your philanthropy becomes a family effort, you’re united with a common goal—for the common good. And, together, you can experience the joy of giving as a family. So, get in touch. And we’ll talk about how to help your values take root and grow…now, and for generations to come.

Philanthropic Resources

Philanthropic perspectives are as varied and nuanced as the donors that hold them. That’s why, as experts in philanthropy, the Community Foundation is always looking for new perspectives. New stories. New ways of approaching the work we do. We invite you to take a look at some of the resources that can help to shape your approach to giving.